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Photo of a patient holding moxibustion tool on their lower abdomen


This moxibustion therapy uses the herb mugwort, which is warm in nature. Using the heat of mugwort, it creates far-infrared rays, which shortens the treatment period compared to traditional moxibustion treatments. 

The benefits:

  1. Improves liver function, the stomach, and intestines.

  2. Good for strengthening immunity.

  3. Helps release toxins.

  4. Good for infertile women or menstrual cramps.

  5. Purifies the blood.

  6. Good for treating insomnia and improving concentration

  7. Good for hair loss caused by stress.

  8. Good for severely cold and numb hands and feet.

  9. There are numerous other benefits for improving general health and prevention of diseases



a picture of a man receiving ceramic cupping


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Dry Cupping
This technique attaches variously sized cups onto the body to bring stagnation of blood to the skin surface. Therefore, it is advised that bruises may appear on the skin.
This treatment is known to improve blood circulation, speed up healing, and alleviate various types of physical pain, including muscle pain. Continuous application is known to help accelerate the body's natural healing process.

Wet Cupping
Cupping is combined with a blood-letting technique; first drawing blood, then cupping. It is a method to help remove blood stagnation and/or whatever is blocking blood flow from the body.

Oriental Medicine Fire Cupping Therapy (Negative Therapy)
This technique places heated cups onto treatment points on the meridian that are related to the affected part of the body and the viscera of the disease. It is a form of therapy that absorbs without drawing a drop of blood, and invigorates the blood to promote blood circulation. This additionally stimulates gas exchange in the lungs, cleanses the capillaries, and purifies blood.


The underlying benefits:

  1. Facilitates oxygen and blood metabolism

  2. Balances the body’s pH levels

  3. Maintains healthy and glowing skin

  4. Helps break down fat and prevent obesity

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picture of Tens


Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

The Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) helps ease muscle pain and strengthens muscles by controlling stimuli in the neck, shoulders, waist, and calves at the right amount of strength and speed. 

It is effective in calming nerves and promoting blood circulation to help relieve and recover from acute and chronic pain. It also is recently used as a treatment for obesity and weight loss by acting on fat cells (at a vibration rate of Hz-1 per second).

The main principle is the effective elimination of "pain." In other words, it has a pain-relieving effect. Pain is what you feel through the nerves in your body, and the nerves are connected to the brain. A stimulated nerve conjunctively stimulates the brain, in which the brain signals neurotransmitters that interpret pain.


On the contrary, natural substances that provide relief from pain are called endorphins and dynorphins, which are released when exposed to the low-frequency electro-acupuncture therapy that stimulates the brain through the nerves to get this material out.

Indications of use: 

  • Acute pain, chronic pain, muscle pain, neuralgia, postoperative pain, inflammatory pain, etc.

  • It can be used for pain from almost all musculoskeletal disorders.

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a picture of foot bath area

Foot Bath

with a yellow soil tread plate & far-infrared emission

The feet, also called the second heart, are where many bodily organs are connected. Here, there are meridians that control 63 parts of the body. Therefore, utilizing the foot bath continuously facilitates blood circulation and maintains overall healthy body functions. Many studies show that the circulatory system of the five intestines (connected at the feet) emit hormones that increase immunity as the temperature rises. When a steady foot bath is carried out, it releases wastes from the body through sweating, which improves skin texture and also helps with weight loss.


Furthermore, it is known to have an excellent effect on reducing mental stress and improving insomnia while reducing fatigue-related autonomic nervous system dysfunctions. Theories of oriental medicine also require warm feet with a cool head to meet the best conditions for smooth circulatory flow. The foot bath is patented with a yellow soil tread plate that utilizes far-infrared to create.

Example of uses are:

  1. For cold hands and feet

  2. To reduce swelling, especially in the lower extremities

  3. For difficulty falling asleep or for light-sleepers

  4. For easily fatigued individuals

  5. For unpleasant premenstrual symptoms


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