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Esther You Soun Kim is an excellent expert in combining herbal treatments for each constitution. She has been constantly studying Traditional medicine for 16 years, praying and applying it to patients with the goal of physical, mental and spiritual health.

This applies to psychiatric problems as well as symptoms of pain or internal diseases. Her thesis  [Oriental Medicine's Approach to Depression in Regards to the Concept of Different Constitution (PUBLISHED 2015)] is also very helpful in clinical practice and the results are positive. Although Esther You Soun Kim is a doctor that heals the mind, in actuality, it is more accurate to say that she heals the body in order to heal the mind. This because the body, mind, and spirit are all interconnected.

Our Healing Soul oriental clinic is connected to Gyogam group(GGG) of the South Korea Communication Clinic.(www. Gyogam Oriental Medical Center signed a joint research MOU with Harvard University, developed a herbal supplement for treating psychiatric diseases, and we have applied this knowledge to our oriental clinic. 

Esther You Soun Kim utilizes pain protocols and psychiatric protocols in order to help heal the physical body and the mind. We are confident that Esther You Soun Kim will be able to help you regain your health.

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In the dictionary of oriental medicine, the term "supplementary" means to provide "herbal medicine that helps balance the physiological functions of the human body." It is used to help the body’s fragile state due to the unbalanced state of the physiological functions.


It is a supplement that nourishes the lack of qi (energy), blood, and yin and yang from congenital or acquired weaknesses of the human body and/or debilitation from a disease, and reinforces the body’s constitution.​

This protects the body’s natural healing ability and increases the ability to heal against mental and physical disease, weakness, and fatigue. It also serves as a preventative measure against health-threatening diseases.

Oriental herbal medicine should be customized using herbal ingredients that suit the person's constitution. Therefore, accurate medical examination and subsequent prescriptions are always needed when taking herbal supplements

The benefits:

  1. Promotes growth and boosts immunity for children

  2. Strengthens physical strength and mental concentration

  3. Protects the health of our aging parents

  4. Prevents chronic fatigue and adult diseases 

  5. Provides postpartum care by assisting in a quick recovery after labor

  6. Improves menopausal and chronic diseases.

- Your health should be protected while you are still healthy. If you lose health, you lose everything-


Healing Soul Clinic's Herb Room

We only utilize the best herbs, and keep them in a clean, separate location to ensure quality. Esther You Soun Kim examines each patient's constitution and diagnoses, and prescribes and makes supplements with the highest quality herbal formulas safely, so you can consume them with confidence. 

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